Quilting Sew Easy Survey

We hope you enjoyed your recent trip to QSE. We are dedicated to serving your needs, helping with your projects and insuring you have an enjoyable experience on every visit. Your needs are our needs because we have quilting at heart. Please give feedback on your recent visit by taking a moment of your valuable time to complete the following survey. We really appreciate your business, referrals, and comments; as they help us grow and improve our store to better serve your quilting needs in the future. Please use the following rating scale: 0 is absolutely terrible, 3 is average and 5 is fantastic.
Rate your overall experience in our store.
Please rate the overall cleanliness of the store
How friendly are our staff members?
Was the layout of the store easy and accessible?
Convenience of our store hours?
Convenience of our store location?
How likely are you to come back to shop again?
How relaxed do you feel while shopping in our store?
Have your ever used our website to find something, locate our store, or ask questions?
Would you refer a friend to our store?
Did you find what you came in for?
How many times have you visited our store in the last 6 months?
What do you like most about our store?
What do you like least about our store?
What can we do to improve your shopping experience at this store?
How can we better serve your needs?
Was your last visit with us for a learning experience, for fun, Shop Hop, Row by Row?